Safety is a choice WE make TOGETHER! FLS Projects holds internal HSE training course

Workplace health & safety is very important to all of us at FLS Projects.

This is why an internal training course “Mobile Crane Safety & Lifting Training for supervisors, signalers and riggers” was held recently. The training took two days and was provided by a licensed instructor and experienced professional engineer. On day 1 their colleagues learned more about the ministerial regulations, establishing standards for the administration and management of occupational safety, health and environment regarding machines, cranes and boilers, safety sign standards, general crane and lifting gear knowledge, as well as roles and responsibilities of the crane supervisor and signaler. They then refreshed and intensified their knowledge about hand signals, calculation, and inspection for lifting gears, rigging and lifting in addition to lifted load calculation.

Day 2 was the practical part of the training where our participants were placed in working situations with mobile cranes and had the chance to practice their learnings in real life. Congratulations to their colleagues who all passed their theoretical and practical tests for the “Mobile Crane Safety & Lifting Training”! Safety is a choice FLS Projects make TOGETHER!


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