Roll On, Roll Off Delivery: Red Wolf Global and Freight Traders Transport Zephir 16-300 Lok Shunter

The two XLProjects members cooperate to ship heavy equipment from South Africa to New Zealand.

Cape Town, South Africa: Red Wolf Global Pty Ltd and Freight Traders, a New Zealand-based project cargo freight forwarding company, have successfully completed a complex project involving the shipment of a Zephir 16-300 Lok Shunter from Durban RoRo Terminal in South Africa to the Port of Auckland in New Zealand. Both companies are members of the project logistics network, XLProjects Network (XLP).

The Zephir 16-300 LOK Shunter is a diesel-powered road and rail vehicle, originally manufactured in Modena, Italy, by Zephir S.p.a. The “LOK” stands for “locotractor,” and it is highly versatile, suitable for a range of shunting and rail freight handling situations. Red Wolf Global arranged a mobile crane to transport the cargo to loading on a MAFI trailer, and determined that the best shipping option was with Höegh Autoliners, as their rate was by far the best. The Port of Auckland is the main RO/RO port for cars, and the RO/RO (Roll on, Roll off) Terminal is located in the Durban Harbour precinct.

Red Wolf Global is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality project logistics services in South Africa. With their extensive network of partners, Freight Traders and Red Wolf Global are able to provide clients with the full range of project logistics management, planning and consulting services, as well as supply chain solutions and delivery services. Their team of project logistics consultants is highly experienced and can offer clients valuable advice and guidance throughout the process.

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