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Project Cargo Cooperation Between Silent Transport and H&P Logis Japan Inc.

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XLP members, Silent Transport and H&P Logis Japan Inc., collaborated to move temperature controlled cargo from Stockholm Airport to Narita Airport via Incheon. The temperature of the cargo was to be between 2 – 25 °C. There was a total of two crates; one was 11,750 kgs with dimensions of 546 x 274 x 252 cm and another crate was 5,100 kg with dimensions of 445 x 213 x 252 cm. The total weight including all the parts were 19,510 kgs.

The first challenge of this move was to find a solution to where they could keep the temperature-controlled service from the shipper’s door all the way to Narita Airport, especially with the pickup by truck and with the move to Stockholm airport in December, where temperatures are often below freezing point. The second challenge was to meet the client’s needs to have this at Narita Airport during Christmas week. In close co-operation with Korean air, with Silent Transport’s project as the base load, they managed to negotiate an extra flight B747 (not as charter) departing from Stockholm on December 21st, 2020. Careful planning with all involved was essential because there was no room for error or missing the flight. In the end, everything went smoothly due to the professionalism and efficiency of Silent Transport and H&P Logis Japan Inc.

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