Precious Prestige Logistics (PPL) Completes the Transport of Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

Precious Prestige Logistics (PPL) performed the loading in and out of four modules of Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) from Dong Xuyen port to PV Shipyard, Vung Tau in Vietnam. The dimension of the modules were 19m x 17.7m x 23.1m (LxWxH) and the weight of each module was 535 tons. To perform the loadout process, PPL used a self-propelled hydraulic trailer (SPMT) to be able to bring the modules from the jetty to the barge and arrange them in the correct order safely and on schedule. The adjustment of the trailers to the correct lifting and lowering positions of the module is controlled by engineers with specialized equipment, ensuring absolute accuracy.

To be able to transport and ensure the absolute safety for the modules, experts and PPL staff had to carefully plan, calculate the technical parameters, and most importantly, monitor the water level. Water had to balance the barge with the outside water level at the time of launching the cargo into the barge. In addition, in order to be able to capture the weather situation, PPL installed devices to monitor weather developments, the rising and falling tide levels had to be proactively captured as it effected the water level during the process.

PPL’s scope of work included:

  • Moving modules from warehouse to the wharf of Dong Xuyen port.
  • Loading out modules onto the barge and lashing for departing.
  • Transferring the barge with modules to PV Shipyard port.
  • Receiving the modules at PV Shipyard and loading in.
  • Site-move modules to the warehouse of PV Shipyard port.
  • Loading out modules onto the barge and exporting to Singapore (40 axles SPMT and tools to carry out)