Origin Logistics Ship Pressing Lines from Korea and China via Bulk Vessel

Origin Logistics proudly present the latest heavy cargo and project shipmens to it’s valuable colleagues.

Origin Logistics shipped pressing lines & accessories from Busan, Korea and Shenzen, China with a total volume of 24 pieces, weighing 1334 tons via a bulk vessel.

The cargo was delivered to the four separate clients which were located on different industrial areas of Turkey.

The following dimensions were unloaded at Izmır & Gemlik port and delivered to the doors of these four companies.

  • 2 pieces weighing 136 tons each
  • 3 pieces weighing 127 tons each
  • 3 pieces weighing 96 tons each
  • 2 pieces weighing 50 tons each
  • 3 pieces weighing 42 tons each


From two different suppliers to four buyers, the cargo was combined together in one single vessel.

Origin Logistics authorized surveyors observed all the steps during the delivery and unloading operations just in time and on the field.


Origin logistics took part at all stages of these smooth shipments. Their experienced team provided secure unloading, lashing, unlashing and all kinds of brenda operations.