Origin Logistics completes two project shipments in one week

Origin Logistics are proud to announce that they have completed two project shipments within a week. The first shipment was loaded in Konya, Turkey and shipped to Alger, Algeria via Mersin port. The cargo was a clinker ( L: 5,75 mt / W: 4,25 mt / H: 4,40 mt / Weight: 33.000 kgs) and it was successfully loaded onto a flat rack container at the factory and headed to Mersin port via special low bed.

The Origin Logistics team then charted a slot from a breakbulk vessel for the second shipment. The second shipment were twelve silobus with following dimensions (L:11,5 mt / W:2,55 mt / H: 4.10). They were smoothly loaded on board.

Lashing, securing & dunnage, and crane were handled by their experienced team and suppliers. Their branch manager supervised the entire operations and was present on the field for both shipments.