OOG (Out-of-Gauge Cargo) Oil Separator Transported from Door Grande Cache, Alberta in Canada to Door Alexandria, Egypt

First Global Logistics Egypt was appointed by its client of Oil & Gas service to move an oil separator from a remote area in Grande Cache zone, Alberta in Canada to Alexandria, Egypt.

The Job started in December 2022 with an approved proposal based on loading the separator from Alberta all the way to Houston port by a low bed truck and unloading/ re-stuffing on 1*40’FR to move from Houston Bay Port to Alexandria Port.

Cargo and equipment description

  • Cargo Description: 60″ x 20′ 1350 PSI sour horizontal inlet separator package
  • Dimensions and Weight: 825 cm x 460 cm x 465 cm = 34,000 kgs
  • Equipment Type: 1*40’FR
  • Journey Duration: 15 days loading -trucking from site to POL – stuffing and loading FOB +30 days sailing from Houston to Alexandria
  • Shipping Line: Maersk

Job challenges and Obstacles:

  • They faced many challenges in this job as the separator was located in an off-oil site in a remote area in Alberta 200 kms far away in a private road owned by 3 owners, so they had to sign a master road agreement with each of the 3 owners on their own risk and responsibility against any road damages or modifications.
  • Sending snowplows two times to remove the snow covering the site and separator due to heavy snow in this area.
  • Sending surveyors to site two times once for site and road survey and another for cargo survey and measurements.
  • Sending 190 MT crane to the site in order to load the separator from ground on trailer.
  • Trucking the OOG separator with its width 460 cm and height 465 cm from Alberta, Canada to Houston Port Texas.
  • Stuffing and lashing inside bay port Houston despite the over dimensions and weights successfully in 40’FR and saving freight cost to the client instead of loading as break bulk.

Their client was more than happy with their performance, and they are now in the preparations to move some other OOGs for the client from different sites.