MTL Co., Ltd. in Seoul, Republic of Korea joins XLProjects Network(XLP)

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

MTL Co., Ltd.

Address: 471 Gonghangdaero Kangseogu,
Seoul, 157-841, Republic of Korea

Tel: + 82 2 2657 0668

Fax: + 82 2 2659 8868


Contact: Stanley Kim – Sales Manager – Projects and Oil & Gas

  • MTL has expanded Trans Siberian Railway (FCL & LCL) & Trans China Railway Service from/to F. E. Asia to/from Europe & CIS Countries since 2015 and now becomes one of top major Rail Service Companies.
  • MTL runs stevedoring Op. in Dong-hae port, Korea, for any oversized cargoes (Mainly Excavator etc.) bound for Vladivostok and Vostochniy, Russia since 2018.
  • MTL expands Project business in/out of Korea with close relationship with ship owners, as well as Coastal Transport using Local Barge, SPMT in accordance with Korea Transport Act. and with proper Engineering approval.

We welcome MTL Co., Ltd. to the XLP team!