Megalift Successfully Shifts Mechanical Unloaders in Malaysia Industrial Port

Megalift completes a highly critical job which was shifting two units of 31-m tall Mechanical Unloaders in an industrial port that is located along the Straits of Melaka, Malaysia. Not only did it require engineering expertise, they would not have successfully executed this without a team of experienced personnel. The mechanical unloader weighed 253 tons, with dimensions of L12.00 m x W4.60 m x H31.00 m. The Pneumatic Bulk Crane was 135 tons and dimensions of L7.60 m x W4.60 m x H31.00 m

While the traveling distance was not very far, the coastal setting posed a considerably high risk with strong and unpredictable winds. Given the height of the cargo, it was also challenging adjusting its centre of gravity. From jacking up the cargo, moving along the trajectory and jacking it down at its final position, they had to take intervals of pauses to ensure cargo stability and gushes of winds to pass.