Megalift Delivers Duomatic Tamping Machines for the Construction of 200-km Railway Project in Malaysia

The Electrified Double Track railway project in southern West Malaysia involves replacing the existing single rail line with a double track and laying electrical cabling along a 200-km stretch of track. It is the final piece of the existing network to be upgraded and once complete, there will be a continuous connection running from the southern to the northern tip of Peninsula Malaysia.

As the appointed forwarder of the EPCC, Megalift have been importing numerous cargoes from wagons, locomotives, to rails and electrical components. The latest delivery that they did is the transport of two units of Duomatic Tamping Machine from Port Klang to Batu Anam, the main construction site of railway project. They covered a distance of more than 200 km and upon arriving at the site, Megalift also took charge of unloading the machine from Megalift’s trailer onto the railway track. They provided the mobile crane, manpower and equipment along with safety supervision.

Cargo: Duomatic Tamping Machine (2 units)

Dimension: 20.00m (L) x 2.64m (W) x 3.74m (H)

Weight: 61.5 tons each