Megalift Completes the Transport and Handling of Transformer for a LSS4 50MWac Solar Project

At the Thai-Malaysia border, Megalift received the Transformer weighing 46 ton from their Thai counterpart using a jack-up method. There were also 30 crates of accessories and oil drums that came along. Then they delivered the Transformer to the solar project site located 362 kilometers away.

Cargo: Transformer

Dimension: L 6.50 m x W 2.75 m x H 4.05 m

Weight: 46 ton

Upon arriving at site, they used the jack and skid method to move the Transformer from their trailer to position it on its foundation. Thanks to their team for completing the job safely and efficiently. Megalift has done this for almost all the solar projects in Malaysia and will continue to do so. There are many more large scale solar farms coming in the country.