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Mega Online Logistics in Barcelona, Spain joins XLP!

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We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in Barcelona, Spain

Mega Online Logistics
C/ Comte d’Urgell, 143, 1º, 1ª 08036,

Tel : +34 93 329 7810

Website : https://xlprojects.net/mega-online-logistics/

Contact : Hernan Fernandez Blanco – Managing Director

  • Mega Online Logistics Team began operations in 2007 and since then they have had a remarkable path in the freight and international logistics world. From their offices in Barcelona, they coordinate logistics operations to and from every port and airport in Spain and surrounding places.Since their beginnings, they have focused their efforts on working under quality standards and excellency in customer service that makes us different in the Spanish freight market, their work team is made of the best professionals in freight and logistics.Through constant training and specialization of their staff, they have a highly motivated team that is completely identified with the company, with what they do, and with their clients and agents all around the World. The result is a high-quality service.


  •  Project Cargo

Mega Online Logistics is the solution when the shipment to be handled has extraordinary dimensions, weight, or both for any kind of goods or products, and no matter what the origin or destination is. Their Project Cargo department is composed of a highly qualified and exclusive team to quote and handle the special cargo shipments.
During their more than 20 years of combined experienced in special cargo and projects shipping, their team has worked closely and in-situ different sector shipping projects in different areas. Among these, there are hydroelectric, wind energy, and railroad construction projects, as well as complete factory shipping and very specific projects as the installation of laboratories.
They also coordinate and handle the dismounting of complete factories for its later transport in containers or as bulk cargo and its mounting on a new location. In most cases they deliver a door-to-door service giving a proper tracking until the arrival to the cargo destination and keeping all parties involved constantly informed about the status of the shipment.

  •  Cross-Trade

During the last years, due to the generalized access to different markets information, cross-trade operations, also referred as “triangular operations” have incremented. Each day there are more companies that are established in a certain country and operate as intermediates in the sale of products between two countries different to its own.
From their beginnings, they have also specialized in “cross trade” shipments, which they define as any shipment between two parties in two different countries that is done for a client who resides in a third country.
They manage all types of triangular operations where the transport and documentation is handled under the strictest level of security to avoid the cross information between original shipper and final consignee.

  •  Sea freight

It is by excellence, the most common mean for international transportation of goods because it is the cheapest and diversified. The container is the most widely known and used mean of transport during the last 60 years.
Besides containerized shipments, Mega Online Logistics also deals with bulk shipments on normal container ships or on special ships designed for this purpose, and roll-on roll-off shipments for all type of vehicles.

  • Air freight

Mega Online Logistics is a certified IATA Cargo Agent. Their air freight team is trained to handle and manage air shipments in a professional and efficient way.
They understand that if something is sent by air, it is because its urgent. They handle air shipments with the required responsiveness and speed to provide the best service to the shipper and consignee.

  • Land freight and warehousing

Mega Online Logistics handles all type of shipments by road. Either dry or refrigerated cargo, live animals or big dimension shipments. They work either in full cargo loads or consolidated shipments throughout Europe and parts of Africa.

They offer warehousing services in the most important cities, where a simple palletization service or a more complex picking and labeling service can be provided. Their warehousing solutions extend to dangerous goods (IMO), valuable cargo, and any other type of product that require special warehousing. They manage goods that are already imported into the European Union, as well as those that are in transit that may have Spain or any other EU country as an origin or final destination.

They also handle the filling and emptying of containers with all types of merchandise, from palletized cargo, to bulk shipments like autos, trucks, and machinery.

  •  Customs

Their customs department assist shippers and consignees during and through the export and import processes, from and to Spain or other countries in the EU. They work with Customs authorities all over Spain and in the most important points of access to European territory.
They handle from simple export and import processes to more complex operations as the ones that involve goods in special regimes such as:

  • Temporal Admission for active improvement.
  • Merchandise Replacement with customs duties franchise.
  • Transform under customs control.
  • Temporary Export to re-import in the same way.
  • Temporary Export for passive improvement.

We welcome Mega Online to the XLP team!

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