Langowski Logistics in Gdynia, Poland joins XLProjects Network (XLP)

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in Gdynia, Poland.

Langowski Logistics

Address: Hutnicza 16, 81-061
Gdynia Poland

Tel+48 58 3557300


Contact: Mr. Łukasz Langowski – Member of the Board

Langowski Logistics is a reliable and experienced partner in the logistics sector. Over 16 years of their company’s existence enabled them to build an office network with 7 branches in Poland, develop expert personnel, create an innovative structure and business model. Their team of professionals approach each oversized transport individually, sharing their knowledge and experience so that your cargo is delivered to the recipient in accordance with the earlier plan.

Based on their qualifications and realized projects, they can offer full support if it comes to choose the most efficient and safest way to transport cargo. They always consider sea, rail, road or air route.

In sea transport, they specialize in shipping goods not only on flat-rack containers, but also as RO-RO or break bulk.

Place of transhipment plays a significant role in the entire process, so they choose it based on their experience, using only proven companies under the supervision of certified inspectors.

The optimal location of their warehouses helps to adapt the reloading to a given situation.

First-mile and last-mile delivery is implemented by their trusted partners using specialized trailers (e.g. tiefbetts, low-loaders, semitiefladers, modular trailers, flatbeds), taking into account all necessary documentation.

Apart of Project Cargo, they handle comprehensive military transport services of strategic importance and dual-use goods – including tanks, aircraft, explosives, weaponry and ammunition – along with all necessary permits.

Based on their own, AEO-Full certificated customs agency, they ensure absolute compliance of the activities undertaken with legal requirements regarding foreign trade and customs procedures throughout the EU.

We welcome Langowski Logistics to the XLP team!