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KNT Cargo complete a Domestic Transport of SRF Heat Supply Facility to Daesan Power

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Welcon Group has signed an epc contract for the Daesan Power Solid Waste Fuel (SRF) power plant in Daesan. Daesan Power SRF Power Plant is a renewable energy power plant which uses solid waste fuel as its power source. A steam turbine, which is incinerated by an average of 510 to 640 tonnes of SRF per day, will produce 29 megawatts of electricity. This is the largest SRF power plant in Korea. We transported the boiler of power generation for this project.

Components listed by the client included a rear wall panel, with dimensions of approximately 500 cubic meters, which required a special handling during road transport. The cargo being too high and large to transport by normal trailer. It was required the expertise of our project team who reviewed the road passage survey with the various options in advance. There are a lot of obstacles such as road signs, bridges on the road. Yet we removed some obstacles temporarily and found best route to avoid obstacles.

Regarding Daesan SRF project, we were requested transportation from client from September 2018. From then on, we carried out road survey from pick-up factory to final destination. In addition, we check the transport regulation and permission of government for oversized cargo transport. Finally, we found the best route for the cargo transport. Furthermore, when trucking for oversized cargo was performed, we took proper preliminary work to prevent cargo damage. Generally, the cargo transported at night time with convoy.

The storage yard of job site was relatively small space so that the arrival schedule of cargo was needed control. Mostly assembly was performed as soon as cargo arrived at jobsite. If assembly work was delayed and if trucks were stand-by at the jobsite, the demurrage could be occurred. To cooperate between truckers and jobsite, our head office dispatched expert Ms. Kim, Manager of PTU.

She said “assembly work schedule in job-site was often changed suddenly. We should also adjust loading scheme and trucking schedule to prevent demurrage. It was not easy to harmonize from truck drivers. But using our knowledge of large cargo handling the delivery was completed efficiently and on time to allow the work on the station to continue on schedule.

Project Details:

  • Commodity: Boiler and Auxiliary
  • Quantity: 45 packages, 1,000 Ton, 9,590.87 CBM
  • Truck on: Pyeongtaek and Ansung Factory
  • Final Destination: Daesan Site
  • Scope of Work: FOT Factory to FOT Jobsite
  • Period: 2019.05 ~ 2019.06


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