Kamor Logistics Transports a Large Cradle from Israel to Taiwan

Kamor Logistics has recently transported a large cradle from Israel to Taiwan via a Trimaran wind-farm service vessel. Details are as follow:

Vessel: Trimaran wind-farm service vessel 27,253 cm x 10,660 cm x 15,051 cm

Cargo: 70 mts + 5 mts designated cradle

Port of Loading: Haifa, Israel

Port of Discharge: Taichung, Taiwan

The challenge of the move was that the cradle had to be installed and attached to the bottom of the middle hull before actual loading by a team of divers’, a shore team, and a crane.

They had handled the assembling of the cradle only one day earlier, as they could not risk having this whole structure of boat-and-cradle keep floating in the sea water being exposed to weather conditions for too long.

They used a team of professional divers monitoring their work from pier over video connection to assure proper connection under water level and in between the Trimaran hulls.

On day of loading, they had the Trimaran-and-cradle assembly brought underhook by a small tug, to be lifted out of the water by ship’s crane. Dedicated support dunnage constructions for stowage were prepared in advance and supplied to ship.