Kamor Logistics Delivers Geothermal Powerplant

Kamor Logistics completed another successful delivery of heavy Geothermal Powerplant modules from Haifa Port in Israel to Izmir in Turkey.

The shipment consisted of 12 units for a Geothermal Power Plant Project.

The unit-wights ranged from 12 to 89 mts each, and the items were produced by Ormat Ltd. in Israel and exported out of Haifa port.

Kamor Logistics’ scope of work was to charter a General Cargo Coaster for the voyage, rent a private heavylift hydraulic crane for loading, mange the stowage, cargo securing, and to deliver the cargo under hook in Izmir.

All cargo units were loaded onboard MV Envar, a small general cargo coaster vessel chartered by Kamor Logistics for the mission. The loading, stowage, and cargo securing were meticulously planned and performed by Kamor Logistics’ team of experts.

This was yet another such project successfully executed by Kamor Logistics Ltd.