Imatrix101 Limited in Freetown, Sierra Leone joins XLProjects Network (XLP)

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in Sierra Leone:

Imatrix 101 Limited

14 Lower Waterloo Street, Freetown
Sierra Leone

Tel : +232 76 273551 / +232 78 295 841 / 232 78 776302

Website :

Contact : Miatta D. Efe-Oghene – Managing Director

Imatrix101 is a Sierra Leone based logistics company who, with their international and local strategic partners, provide comprehensive freight management and logistics services for clients globally and within the West African Sub region. They pride themselves in their ability to adapt their services to suit their clients’ needs.


They aim to lead the way in providing reliable, professional and cost-effective logistics services in Sierra Leone, by understanding our clients’ needs and providing the highest standards of service in fulfilling their requirements.

In association with our strategic partners, we offer a comprehensive range of international freight management, shipping and logistics services, from sourcing and procurement to international and local freight, warehousing and delivery. We can be relied upon for physical cargo care, accurate timely documentation and streamlined administrative procedures. Our daily tracking updates keeps you informed of shipment progress and arrival estimates – giving you ready access to vital information on your cargo. Our experience and concern for our customers’ objectives mean that their time may be spent concentrating on their core business, in the sure knowledge that logistics is not a problem.


Imatrix101 will plan, co-ordinate, track, customs clear and deliver your cargo with the immediacy it deserves. Working with our international and domestic strategic partners we provide a fast, cost effective door-to-door freight service and can assist you with:

Sea/Air/Land Freight /Vessel Charter Services

• Duty and tax determination
• Clearance documentation
• Government Documentation
• Export declarations
• Commercial invoices
• Certificates of origin
• Project Management
• Tracking

Linking with their partners in Africa, Europe and UK, they consolidate and freight LCL and FCL shipments from any part in the world. They offer multi–modal solutions to freight that is by air, land and sea. At destination their network of partners provides landside services to your specification. Their Operations Department recognize the need to expedite customs clearance and the delivery of cargo to mitigate cost, and have the expertise and contacts at ministries, customs and carriers to ensure that the shortest possible transit times are achieved.


They manage and handle shipment and cargo at the Sierra Leone ports and harbors on behalf of their clients. They efficiently manage all regular routine tasks on behalf of ship owners and ensure all essential supplies, crew transfers, customs documentation, waste declaration, fresh water and other provisions are all arranged with the port authorities without delay. All statutory updates and reports on activities at the destination port are provided thereby giving the client and ship owners up to date information at every step of the process.

Customs Brokerage

Customs duties and related costs are a major component of landed costs for most importers. Customs declaration is particularly complex given the vast number of tariff items – over 20,000 – and the introduction of new product categories. Incorrect declarations may delay release of your goods and incur severe penalties.

Imatrix101 works with customs clearance professionals with many years’ experience. They are supported by the latest computerized systems (ASYCUDA) for speed and guaranteed accuracy and ensure the lowest legitimate tariffs. They are aware of all applicable legislation and procedures and, where there is a case for favorable re-classification can negotiate with customs officials on your behalf.


Our international procurement partners provide procurement and procurement consultancy services to projects of all sizes across the world. Their combined service covers the full procurement process from receiving the initial enquiry, advising prices, ordering goods on behalf of clients and arranging for pre- finance and inspection if required. Imatrix101 in turn sources locally.


Their transportation system operates on a diverse fleet of haulage equipment and heavy-duty, including flatbeds, box trucks, and forklifts and cranes. Their expertise enables them to transport materials, goods and equipment to the most remote parts of Sierra Leone and neighboring countries.

Cost Control

Imatrix101 works with you to identify, measure and manage all major areas of direct and indirect cost. Careful assessment of the supply chain highlights areas of wastage and missed opportunities that add unnecessary cost. Cost savings are generated from greater efficiencies in packing, consolidating, shipping and distributing, through expertise in the areas of freighting and customs, and through firm negotiations with carriers and third parties, to ensure that you receive the best rates on the market.

Local Staff Content

Their Team is made up of 100% Sierra Leonean indigenous. They pride themselves in providing employment for the local populace and contributing to the growth of the nation. In addition to this, through our partners, we offer the same services throughout the region and can count on very experienced logistics personnel.

We welcome Imatrix101 Limited to the XLP team!