HBH Logistics GmbH & Co. KG solves weight problems in short time

XLP member, HBH Logistics GmbH & Co. KG, was recently asked by their partners in China to arrange a shipment from FOB Antwerp up to CFR Ningbo. This would seem like nothing spectacular, however on the day of the terminal closing they discovered something.

The FOB forwarder had stuffed the cargo onto a 1×40’FR and 1×40’OT. After the full delivery to the terminal, HBH Logistics team found out that the 40’FR was 10 tons overloaded.

They immediately arranged an additional 20’DC and transferred the counter weights. Shortly after redelivery of both containers to the terminal and issuance of the new documents, the carrier informed them that also the weight of the 40’OT exceeded the maximum payload therefore, the unit could not be shipped.

HBH Logistics team had to perform the same procedure once again. They booked another 20’DC and re-arranged the cargo properly and once again issued new documents urgently as the terminal closing was looming.

About ten hours later, the cargo was ready for shipment.  A special thank of course goes to the carriers’ customer service and to their Antwerp friends, without whose great support they could not have managed this!