HBH Logistics GmbH & Co. KG Delivers Reactors

HBH Logistics GmbH & Co. KG successfully moved reactors that weighed 438 tons, with height of 8.4m and diameters of 11.5m from Deggendorf upto FOB European Seaport. They faced a lot of challenges on for this shipment.

After a thorough investigation, HBH Logistics found that the only option to succesfully carry this out was to bring the cargo by barge to Constanta. This sounds easy but the numerous, partly very low bridges en route made it quite a challenge. The water level must be just right. If it is too high, they cannot sail underneath the lowest bridges, if it is too low, they will touch ground and get stuck that way. So time of shipment had to be extremely well chosen and they needed some luck with the weather in order to have a more or less steady water level for about one month.

HBH Logistics had to find a suitable barge and persuade the owner to join us in this challenging project.

In the end, they made ends meet and successfully shipped the project, consisting of six reactors and 82 packages of accessories – some unpacked, some on pallets or in cases – to Constanta and transshipped them into the H/L-ship, chartered by their partner.