Freight Traders Ltd (FTL) Recently Loaded Another Charter for NZ Shores!

Freight Traders Ltd in New Zealand (FTL) recently loaded another charter for NZ shores. The shipment was the second part of an on-going power station project and comprised 1126 tonne/ 2173 M3. FTL will move the shipment from port to door. It will travel 11,037 natutical miles from the med port to Tauranga port in New Zealand and a further 100 miles inland to the final destination.

The cargo consisted of,
– 2 x heat exchangers @90 tonnes/ 21.61L x 3.304W x 3.449H each
– 8 x pre-heaters @88 tonne/ 23.416L x 2.575W x 2.7H each
– 2 x heat exchangers @60 tonne/ 13.01L x 3.03W x 2.997H each
– 2 x turbines @39 tonne/ 4.38L x 2.68W x 3.571H each
+ various misc. cargo

FTL has reached out to many of the XLP partners to assist with the drop shipments from various locations around the world.