FLS Thailand Joins the Annual Safety Energy Day at The MEA in Bangkok

FLS Thailand Joins the Annual Safety Energy Day at The MEA in Bangkok

The FLS Team was being recognized by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) for its competent and exceptional handling as well as for the work safety standards shown performing the recent lifting of the MEA Chankasem Substation in Bangkok.

MEA invited the FLS team to join their Annual Safety Energy Day 2019 where the HSE Team explained to a very interested crowd the workflow process from lifting calculations to the perfect execution of complex heavy lift operations like the one done at the Chankasem Substation. It was a fun and informative day for all participating MEA Bangkok and staff members and a great chance to further strengthen FLS’ relationship with the MEA.

“Thank you very much to the MEA for organizing such a great event and inviting us!”


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