Fairmacs Start New Service from Singapore to Korsakov Using Their Own Containers!

Fairmacs have recently started a new service from Singapore to Korsakov using their own containers. Fairmacs had previously loaded some of their projects to Korsakov with the carrier’s own containers, however due to the sheer length of these containers all the carriers had rejected this cargo from them. Fairmacs were left with no choice but to rework their containers and engage the services of their partner FLOGIS Busan to file the transhipments on their behalf and on carriage to the final destination in Korsakov, Sakhalin.

Project details:

POL: Singapore

POD: Korsakov, Sakhalin

UOM: 3 x 40’ FB (OL/OH) + 1 x 40’ FR (WIG) + 2 x 40’ HQ

Commodity: Oilwell Equipment