Fairmacs Multiline Transports Crude Stabilisation System

Fairmacs Multiline has successfully transported Crude Stabilisation System from Port Klang, Malaysia to Haldia, India. The total weight was 375 tons with a total volume of 2,700 CBM. There were also other accessories; specifically, 17 pieces overall with the heaviest weight at 44.5 tons and volume of 12.80 x 4.20 x 4.70 meters. They had booked and loaded this cargo during the midst of Pandemic with the complete lockdown announced by Malaysian Authority from January 13th, 2021 until further notice.

When it came close to their loading date, they found out that port is congested due to the majority of port personals contracting COVID-19. This would have surely cause disruption to their loading due to lack of manpower and port restrictions. Since the fixture had been lifted, there was no way to skip this loading. They were lucky enough to have the good cooperation with the transporters and stevedoring company who made their way out to support and load all the cargoes within 18 hours. Despite the extreme stress and pressure, all the cargoes loaded safely and completed the voyage safely.