EFS Logistics in Saudi Arabia joins XLProjects Network (XLP)

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member offices in Saudi Arabia.

EFS Logistics

Address: 2778 Muhammad Al Ghayti, Al Faisaliyah Dist,
Jeddah 23442 – 7477 Saudi Arabia


Fax: +966-12-6977803



EFS Logistics

Address: 3826 Umar Al Mukthar, Thulaim,
Riyadh 12646-7600 Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-11-2957577

Fax: +966-12-6977803

Website: https://xlprojects.net/company/efs-logistics-2/


EFS Logistics

Address: P.O Box No. 4752, 601 Al Zoabi Tower, 1st Street,
Dammam 31412 Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-13-8353695

Fax: +966-12-8352767

Website: https://xlprojects.net/company/efs-logistics-3/


Name: Nadir Kalappadan – Executive Director

EFS Logistics was incorporated in early 1996 on humble beginnings with only 5 employees. Within a few years, EFS achieved a remarkable growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and expanded to various regions as a world-class provider of innovative logistics and supply-chain services and solutions.

Their dedicated and experienced professionals always provide you with tailor-made logistics solutions, customized to your particular needs.

Every step of EFS accentuates Saudi’s National Vision 2030 and embodies a truly Saudi identity.

Crossing 25 years of operations, EFS has achieved a remarkable growth in the Kingdom. Currently they have 100+ employees and operate in major gateways of Saudi Arabia namely Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam.

Their primary strengths encompass, but are not limited to:

  • Management and staff with over 40 years of collective experience.
  • Highly proficient team dedicated to project logistics management.
  • In-house customs clearance team ensuring smooth handling of customs procedures.
  • Strategically located office and warehouse facilities in Jeddah and Dammam Bonded and Re-Export Zone, allowing them to efficiently carry out consolidation activities within their own premises.
  • Established and robust partnerships with major shipping lines, enabling us to secure direct contract rates.
  • Devoted and specialized operations teams committed to delivering exceptional service.
  • Dedicated team adept at resolving any issues that may arise with customs or port authorities, ensuring a hassle-free experience for their clients.

We welcome EFS Logistics to the XLP team!