Darka Group in Sudan and South Sudan joins XLP!

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member offices in Sudan and South Sudan:

Darka Group – Port of Sudan, Sudan
PO Box 931, Port Sudan.
Website: https://xlprojects.net/darka-group/

Darka Group – Khartoum, Sudan
Amarat Street No. (7), House No. (12),
Square (29), Airport Side.
Website: https://xlprojects.net/darka-group-3/

Darka Group – Juba, South Sudan
Afri Star Compound ,
Tomping Near Airport,
South Sudan

Website: https://xlprojects.net/darka-group-2/

Contact : Mohamed A.M. Osman, Managing Director

Darka Enterprise was established in 1983 and became a limited company in 1991. It specializes in Shipping Agency Services, Stevedoring, Customs Clearance, Transport and Import and Export.

With twenty years’ experience of working with international organizations, Darka offers a wealth of experience and a professional service unparalleled within the Sudan.

We welcome Darka to the XLP team!