Conveyor Logistics Ltd. transports steel pipe piles

Conveyor Logistics Ltd. (CLL), has completed transportation of project shipments of Steel Pipe Piles, for 307 MW (NET) coal fired power generation facility at Taltali, Barisal, Bangladesh.

Conveyor Logistics Ltd. (CLL), have recently completed the transportation of 66 packages of Steel Pipe Piles, having gross weight about 1,027.551metric tons, total cargo volume was approximately 2,426.24 CBM.

The port of loading was Shanghai, China and the port of discharge was Chattogram Port, Bangladesh. Conveyor Logistics was responsible for transportation of these steel pipe piles for 307 MW (NET) Coal Fired Power Generation Facility Project, Taltali, Barishal, from Chattogram Port to Taltali, Barisal project area by sea faring barges. The total distance from Chattogram Port to project site lay-down area was approximately 316 km, of which 76 km was sea way and 240 km was river way.

Dimensions of Steel Pipe Piles:


PACKAGES L (m) W (m) H (m)
6 0.8 0.8 55
16 0.8 0.8 56
14 0.8 0.8 57
13 0.8 0.8 58
7 0.8 0.8 59
10 o.8 o.8 60


Important details of the consignment:

  • Volume: 2,426.24 CBM
  • Total weight of Steel Pipe Piles: 1,027.551MT
  • Port of Loading: Shanghai, China
  • Port of Destination: Chattogram, Bangladesh
  • Over Berge Delivery Distance: 316 km