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Conveyor Logistics Ltd. completes project shipments for Substation Project of Dhaka Power Distribution Co., Ltd.

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Conveyor Logistics Ltd., (CLL), have recently completed the transportation of 62 cable drums, with a gross weight of about 587,380.00 kgs. The total cargo volume was approximately 1,636.16 CBM, and there were 62 units of 40 OT HQ containers. The port of loading was Busan, Korea and the port of discharge was Chattogram Port, Bangladesh. CLL was responsible for loading, unloading and transportation of these cable drums for Substation Project of Dhaka Power Distribution Co., Ltd., (DPDC) by long-body trailers on road transport. The total distance from Chattogram port to the project site lay-down area (Amulia Model Town, Demra, Dhaka) was approximately 248.4 km. After the Cables Drums arrived at the Chattogram Port, 30 MT crane was used to lift off the 62 cable drums and then positioned on the low bed eleven axle trailer. The crane was used to lift off the Cables Drum and then position onto its new storage location at the LS Cable & System Ltd., at Amulia Model Town Demra, Dhaka.

Important details of the whole project:

  • Volume: 1,636.16 CBM
  • Average weight of each cable drum: 9480 kg.
  • Port of Loading: Busan, Korea
  • Port of Destination: Chattogram, Bangladesh
  • Overland Delivery Distance: 248.4 km


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