Complex Cargo Made Simple: FLS Projects Delivers Six Floating Units on One Vessel

Recently, FLS Projects (Part of FLS Group) demonstrated their expertise in solving challenging shipments with a 390-tonne cargo shipment from Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh – Vietnam.

To optimize the shipping time and save costs for the client, FLS experts developed a stowage plan to fit six different barges and workboats on one single vessel. The team managed to find the perfect match: a breakbulk, multipurpose vessel, the Coe Curia.

The shipment was technically challenging, as each boat and barge required bespoke handling solutions, from crane settings to lashing and securing. The loading operation also included professional divers to assist with the hooking up. Thanks to FLS’ comprehensive technical calculations, the loading went smoothly and was completed in just four days.

These boats and barges were delivered to the ports of Nelson and Bluff, New Zealand to start their commission serving the aquaculture industry.

Shipment Details:

Port of Loading: Ha Long, Quang Ninh – Vietnam

Port of Discharge: Nelson, New Zealand

  • 1 feed barge “FB330”: 30 m x 10 m x 8.6 m, 180 tons
  • 1 workboat “Aquacat”: 18 m x 10 m x 9.5 m, 120 tons

Port of loading: Ha Long, Quang Ninh – Vietnam

Port of discharge: Bluff, New Zealand

  • 2 dumb barges: 28 m x 10.5 m x 3.26 m, 65 tons each
  • 1 workboat “Aquacat”: 18 m x 10 m x 9.5 m, 120 tons
  • 1 workboat: 13.6 m x 5.2 m x 4.06 m, 25 tons


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