COLI Shipping & Transport do Brasil Ltda in Sao Paolo, Brazil joins XLP!

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in São Paulo, Brazil

COLI Shipping & Transport do Brasil Ltda

Rua Pitu 72, 12 floor,
Room 123 Gran Estancorporate Veranda Berrini,
Cidade Monções, 04567-060, São Paulo

Tel : +55 11 50412396

Website :

Contact : Gustavo Murari – Managing Director

COLI Shipping & Transport do Brasil LTDA is a company that reflects our philosophy and essence to serve customers searching for competitiveness and high performance in shipping and transportation.

Featuring a wide global coverage and partnerships with leading carriers and service providers to / from Brazil and in the international trade lanes around the world, they offer dedicated and customized shipping solutions for your Projects and Break Bulk cargo, including local onshore operations to final destination.

Main activities

  • Shipping any kind of industrial projects / project investments cargo and heavy lift to / from Brazil and intercontinental markets.
  • Full charter and charters on demand.
  • FCL – Full Container Load.
  • Consulting and Maritime Engineering.
  • Logistics project management with communication between the engineering and procurement.
  • Qualified team and engineering team prepared to act on global shipping operations.
  • Port handling and supervision of loading and unloading.
  • Cooperation and partnerships with international shipowners project cargo and heavy lift.
  • Customs support and consulting for the exemption of taxes and taxes.
  • Value-added services and logistics solutions for delivery on-shore.
  • Local transport and delivery in Brazil with the discharge plan.
  • Concept of a single contact source (One Stop Shop).
  • Reports of inspection and feasibility studies.
  • Coverage of marine insurance for project cargo.
  • Offshore services as trailer (dry / wet tow) FPSO’s ships, Oil Rigs and other floating charges.

Embark with us on the concept that Project Logistics is a matter of creativity and let us provide your company with “Solutions Beyond the Ordinary”.

We welcome COLI Shipping & Transport do Brasil Ltda to the XLP team!