City Union Logistics’ Complex Shipment: 2 Transformers Arrive in Honduras

City Union Logistics has achieved a milestone by delivering 2 sets of transformers, totaling 26 packages weighing 656 CBM/ 267T, from China to Honduras. These transformers had specific dimensions: one main body weighing 67T with dimensions 7.8m x 3.7m x 4.2m, and another main body 64T with dimensions 7.5m x 3.8m x 4m.

Despite there being no heavy lifting break bulk vessel support on-site to execute this shipment. The City Union Logistics team chose the container solution due to the lack of direct service from China to Honduras. CMA accepted this shipment as a transit service.

This complex shipment involved a heavy lift main body shipped as BBK, along with 7 x 40HQ loading accessories and 4 x 20GP SOC loading for transformer oil – all shipped as one lot on a single vessel with transit via Kingston.

Thanks to their professional team’s analysis, and discussions with customs brokers, terminals, and carriers, City Union Logistics successfully completed this operation and ensured all the containers and cargo were loaded on the planned vessel.