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Celtic Shipping Agencies ships blades from Turkey to Ireland

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Celtic Shipping Agencies ships blades from Turkey to Ireland

GE Wind once again recently appointed Celtic Shipping Agencies to handle their latest shipments from Turkey to Ireland.

Building on a very successfully handled project performed earlier via the Irish Port of Killybegs, GE chose Celtic Shipping’s expertise once again to handle this latest project. This time, the project was handled in the Port of Waterford, Ireland which GE had never experienced.

With some groundwork and pre planning, Celtic Shipping assured GE that this project would be carried out with their usual careful attention and with their expert staff coordinating all matters.

The first vessel of this latest project mv LIFTER loaded 18 x 52.0m blades at Izmir in Turkey and arrived in Waterford Ireland shortly thereafter.

The discharge commenced the following day and completion was swift. The subject vessel then departed during the afternoon of the same day.

The second vessel mv CLIPPER NEW YORK loaded 18 x tower sections up to 66.0 mt in China and arrived quickly in Waterford, Ireland. Again an excellent discharge and all went very well.

The components are currently being forwarded to the site from the port. Celtic Shipping are already looking forward to their next challenge.

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