Benteyga Shipping Mauritania Group (BSMG) in Nouakchott, Mauritania joins XLProjects Network (XLP)

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in Nouakchott, Mauritania.

Benteyga Shipping Mauritania Group (BSMG)

Address: Avenue Moktar Daddah, Tevregh-Zeina,
Nouakchott, Mauritania

Tel+222 36353552


Contact: Zein Abidine Mounire – CEO


BSMG is a provider of global logistics for both Sea, air freight and vessels consignments in Mauritania.

BSMG is a group of several Mauritanian companies, in Mauritanian capitals, assets and values, with a huge Fleet of trucks, cranes and heavy equipment.

BSMG is managed by trained people with thirty years of experience, and all with English language skills.

BSMG is a provider of commercial trading services with a very huge relationship within the Mauritania business sector.

BSMG has is specialized in export of all kinds of fish from Mauritania to Europe, Asia and Middle East.

BSMG Services Include:

  • Ships and vessels agency
  • Crew changes and visa solutions
  • Global Road/Rail Transportation
  • Hotels reservation and flight tickets booking including electronic tickets
  • Ship-chandler services
  • Water and fuel supply
  • Garbage removal
  • Vessels consignment services
  • Regular & Tramping liner services
  • Stevedoring
  • Haulage and Distribution
  • Warehousing Handling and storage solutions
  • Sea and air cargo Consolidation
  • Air Chartering services
  • Vessel chartering services
  • International Land Transport
  • global Air/Sea freight
  • Oilfield Services

We welcome Benteyga Shipping Mauritania Group (BSMG) to the XLP team!