Freight Connection Pakistan Undertakes 10 MW Solar Power Project of Unilever Pakistan

Freight Connection Pakistan has been playing a strategic role when it has come to Project handling in Pakistan, known for specialized and transparent services which provide up-to-mark services without any hassles. The recent project was assigned by Reon Energy to provide logistics services (transportation, tracking, loading & offloading) from Karachi port to various sites of Unilever Pakistan.

Project Details:

64 TUES & 4 Transformers

32×40’ FT Container – Containing Solar panel/ Inverter / Transformer & other accessories

Project: 10 MW Solar Power Project of Unilever Pakistan

POL: Ningbo, Shanghai

POD: SAPT, Karachi

Commodity: Panels /Inverts/ 5 tons of transformers & other accessories

Type of Units handled:

  • 40’ HQ
  • Cables rolls
  • Transformer

Freight Connection Pakistan was awarded this project with the scope to provide logistics services from Karachi Reon Warehouse to five various factories of Unilever Pakistan. They were awarded this business from Reon Energy & taken this assignment as a challenge and completed the task within a given time frame. Their Project/Operational team was available 24×7 at all places including the warehouse of Reon Energy from where the cargo was supposed to be picked, Freight Connection Pakistan has placed vehicles as per the demand of customers with an equipped tracking device for the customer’s easy web access to their cargo location 24/7 with one click. The Freight Connection Pakistan project team was also available at five various destinations with experts for smooth gate in process & offloading.