Cedars Investment Limited moves transformers

Cedars Investment Limited successfully moved two transformers from Port of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Geita, Tanzania. The transformers weighed 72 tons with dimensions of 7.1m x2.7m x 3.7m and the overall total distance was 1,500 km. The challenge Cedars Investment faced was that they had to work around the road rules in Tanzania as this cargo was considered to be abnormal in weight (72 tons).

Under the regulations of the Axle Load Control regulated under the Road Traffic Act, the front axle load was limited to 8 tons, and axle unit limitations are 18 tons for tandem axle group and 24 tons for triple axles group. The Regulation allows for 5% tolerance and any overloads above this limit must be offloaded or re-arranged. To continue with overload beyond 5%, the transporter will have to pay a surcharge fee of four times its overload per vehicle. However, Cedars Investment Limited was able to overcome this challenge and successfully completed the move.