Aircraft Fleet


AN-124-100 Ruslan

World’s largest series-produces civil freighter featuring unique cargo capacity, cargo cabin size and loading systems.

  • 120 tons cargo capacity
  • 4,500 km flight range



Modernised, new generation version of one of the most in-demand and successful aircraft in the history of world cargo aviation. Fully approved by ICAO for global operations.

  • 50 tons cargo capacity
  • 4,000 KM km flight range


Boeing 747F*

*includes Boeing 747-8f and Boeing 747-400F/ERF

Highly capable Boeing 747 has a nose and side-door lading capability. The most advanced – 8 type offers a 16% increase in cargo capacity and an extended flight range.

  • 136 tons maximum cargo capacity
  • 9,200 KM km flight range